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Welcome to Greenlight Auto Financing!

We are a team of automotive finance experts who have seen our industry change as many dealers and finance companies take advantage of the customers with bad credit. They are not transparent and their goal is simply to get someone approved regardless that the vehicle price has been inflated, approved with an excessively high interest rate and long term. Resulting the customer in a negative equity situation which will only worsen their financial circumstance.

Not With Us!

We truly care about your financial health now and in the future. We will spend time to review your loan application and your current financial situation. If it is in your best interest to delay applying for a car loan we will recommend that to you and will work with you to help you improve your credit score.

In most cases though we will be able to secure an approval for a vehicle at a fair price and with an interest rate that is lower than anywhere else and we will only recmomend a term that makes sense for you.

We will also always be here for you after your purchase and if applicable help you get a new loan and vehicle if their is material improvement of your credit score.

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Greenlight Auto Financing

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